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Minggu, 03 Januari 2021

Knowledge is Power


        Hello, how was your year-end vacation?

Have you made any resolutions for 2021? I've made my resolution, which is I wanted every week can post new articles on the blog Cregit Indonesia, provide a broader and better digital consulting service to the community, and many other things. For those of you who have not or are still confused to make a resolution in 2021, hopefully this article can give a little enlightenment.

I found an interesting thing that I got when I visited the bookstore yesterday afternoon. While walking among the bookshelves, I was reminded of one of the quotes that said "Knowledge is Power". You must have heard that quote, didn't you? My teacher in high school said that books are a source of knowledge. I agree with the quote. Nowadays we can gain knowledge from anywhere. It could be from a variety of sources. Book one of them. By reading a lot of books, we're learning. By learning we understan. By understanding we become knowing. This includes knowing what we are like, what we want in life and how we achieve our goals.

So, for final year's students, if you want to have a good future, you have to understand what you're like. You start preparing and shaping your future started from a lot of reading. For example, if you are a student majoring in medicine, you deepen medical science by reading a lot of health literature or journal from various methods that later enrich your insights when facing health problems experienced by your patients. So you can provide the best medical advice and treatment for your patients. That way you will succeed in becoming a doctor because your patients are cured because of your ability to analyze and diagnose diseases.

Like me today, want to have an advertising business in the next 2 years. I started by reading books related to advertising, such as the history of the largest advertising company in Indonesia, leading advertising figures, technical matters in advertising, and so on. After all, now there are many good books that can be downloaded for free. Well, what are you waiting for? Know yourself so that's how you know your power.


That's all from me, good luck finding strength in you. We'll meet again in the next article. Cheers, Lusia. 




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