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Minggu, 31 Januari 2021

Just Chill at the Weekend

In this article, I invite you to Little Indiantown in Medan. Just like Chinatown abroad, Little Indiantown in Medan is inhabited by many people of Indian descent. Punjabi, Bengali, Sikh, and Tamil tribes have occupied the area for decades. Especially Indians in Indonesia conduct trade activities because there are unwritten rules in Indonesia, non-native Indonesians should not work / not be elected in government sector or private parts, so trade becomes the eyes of their search for living in Indonesia.

Most of them who live in Indiantown is doing culinary, prayer, and wedding equipment, textiles, or carvings made of iron. In this area, there are 2 Indian food vendors, and both are a favorite of tourists and Medan residents who want to enjoy native Indian cuisine.

As you know, Indian cuisine is very famous because it is spicy and curry seasoning is a menu commonly enjoyed daily by Indians. I myself have never eaten Indian food, so so I did not wonder how the taste of Indian cuisine, Cregit team and I decided to go to the restaurant.

It's great to finally be able to taste Indian cuisine full of tongue surprises because the taste of food is dominated by very strong spices. Too bad we couldn't finish the meal, because the portions were big enough for the size of our stomach. The next destination is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, which is right in front of the restaurant. Just a few seconds, we arrived in front of the temple inaugurated by the Governor of North Sumatra in 1991. The age of the temple is already 136 guys. It's amazing guys, isn't it?

From the explanation of the officers and Pandita of the temple, I just found out that Hindus who will worship in this temple are almost the same as Muslims. They must wash their hands, feet, and face with water in the right corner of the temple area from the entrance before they enter the inside of the temple. Then there is the prohibition for women who are menstruating so as not to enter the temple. Men or women are obliged to wear polite, neat clothes. Especially for women, clothes as much as possible are loose and long to the knee. This temple is very beautiful, the ornaments inside are so artistic and everything is done hand-made. Statues of Hindu goddess goddesses are all painted and decorated very interestingly.

Actually, there will a big celebration that they will do this January, but because of Covid 19, the activity was eliminated. Regular worship every Friday afternoon is also eliminated. People can still come to perform rituals of worship, but the number is limited.

As a bonus, at the end of the video, you'll see Cregit's team play basketball. From Monday to Friday tired of hunting photos and videos and video editing for Youtube content stock, playing basketball is the best refreshment to unwind and stress, because it was fun to be able to put the ball into the net. You may see the activities completely from this video

So that's all from us, see you in the next article. Keep healthy, keep clean and keep up the spirit!!

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