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Rabu, 23 Desember 2020

Year-End Holiday: What Do You Do?

There's a lot of ways people spend a fairly long year-end holiday. Usually the year-end holiday starts from December 25 to January 2 of the following year. About 8 days. For private employees or government employees, it can be a bit difficult to get a day off, because usually the holidays are only December 25 and January 1st. Besides, keep going to work as usual.

If in previous years, you might spend a short or long vacation with what activities anyway? Most say holidays, both out of town and out of the country. But there are also those who answer stay at home aja. In 2020, the pandemic due to Covid 19 made everyone have to dampen their desire to spend the year-end holiday by traveling. Moreover, governments in various countries carry out strict policies against migrants / tourists entering the country. Even some countries close the border for migrants / tourists to the country. Including Indonesia itself. Even in Indonesia itself, there are restrictions on visitors from 1 city to other cities.

The Covid19 pandemic makes all of us who get a long vacation certainly become boredom in itself. 8 days at home is certainly not an easy thing. Especially for people who are used to traveling out of town or abroad. Traveling around malls or shopping centers in the city can be done in a day. Playing in the entertainment center or took a few hours. What are you going to do after that? Well, Cregit love a nice solution for those of you who are confused to spend the end of the year holiday at home. Here are some practical solutions to accompany your end-of-year vacation at home:

  • Series/Movies Channel Subscriptions

Subscription to drama/movie channels such as Netlix or Disney+ whose promos are amazingly frugal for yourself or for the whole family. You can check the promo here and here. There are thousands of dramas/series/movies that you can watch, and some are specially launched for the year-end holidays. Various titles and genres of drama / series / movies with interesting storylines are ready to accompany the year-end holidays at affordable and hassle-free prices. Even more fun, many starring famous actresses / actors. It's really cool, isn't it? So you can make a choice, what drama/series/movie is right for you, you can see the synopsis of the spectacle here.

  • Home/Room Makeover

You can makeover your house/apartment with different nuances. You can makeover whole or part room. But make sure you have calculated the design and budget before you make over your house/apartment. For the design, you can imitate the design from here. There are various designs that you can try to apply for part / all of the room that can certainly be adjusted to your budget. In addition to making the appearance of houses/apartments more fresh can certainly add new spirit and ideas to live the year 2021 guys.

  • Virtual End Year Meeting

During this pandemic, everyone conducts online/virtual meetings. Maybe you're tired of the virtual meeting model just like that. You can create different virtual meetings this time, with different topics and designs every day. There are a variety of virtual meeting designs that can be replicated from here and here. This virtual meeting design is available for a wide variety of ages, from children to your grandparents!

  • Open Order Year-End Party Dishes

For those of you who have a hobby of cooking, of course this is a thing or challenge that you need to take, because usually at the end of the year, people hold celebrations. Although Covid-19 makes people have to celebrate the party at home, the business opportunities of year-end party dishes are still very wide open. You can start looking for people's favorite dishes that you usually enjoy to celebrate the end of the year party. Start putting together a menu of dishes suitable for year-end parties. There are many Youtube channels to learn how to cook them. After that you can offer it to your friends, relatives or neighbors if you receive an order for a year-end party meal. You can also promote it through social media. Guaranteed, you'll be busy all day until the end of the year!

That used to be what Cregit could love for you, hoping that by the end of the year you could be fun and bring joy to you and the people around you. See you again in the other articles guys!

Have a blessed end year and a happy New Year!

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